Sales Manager Toolkit: What You Need to Know About Your Client Before You Meet

Sales Manager ToolKit February VER4

A major advantage of having a local market database is the ability to “do your homework” prior to meeting your potential client.  We often assume our clients have access to local data and understand their marketplace, when in fact, they don’t.  You can be a consultative seller in helping them understand the true landscape of their business as well as how your audience can aid in their growth.

This edition of Scarborough’s Sales Manager Toolkit examines how you can use the “Four W’s” (Who, What, Where and Why) to better understand your potential client and illustrate how your station addresses their needs.  Using the wireless category as an example, we will break down each “W” and discuss how they come together to craft a compelling story by using the audience demographics and market trends shown in this downloadable one-sheet.

WHO are the potential advertiser’s customers and are they similar or different than your audience?

Understanding the demographic make–up of your client’s customers may seem like a simple step but we often talk to a client about our own audience’s demos without fully knowing their customer.  By running a crosstab analysis of both the client and your audience you can see where the two groups are similar and different.


After running a demographic comparison, we can see that T-Mobile and WAAA’s Audience share key demographics in the 21-49 age as well as having children ages 6-11 in the household. Using both the percentage as well as index further illustrates the station’s relevance in reaching their consumers.  Showing the low index for  ‘single’ adults among T-Mobile’s customers can help craft the story that pairing with WAAA will help T-Mobile grow in this specific demographic.

WHAT is their core product or service and how can you use Scarborough to help educate your clients on their consumer’s behaviors?

Sometimes this is obvious, other times, not so much.  When talking with our potential customers, do we understand the use of their big ticket items or services?  The 2000+ questions in Scarborough’s database afford numerous possibilities in telling a category story.


Continuing with the consultative selling approach we are able to isolate the non-T-Mobile customers who are planning to switch carriers and help T-Mobile better understand these target consumers’ wireless habits.  This enables you to educate your client on potential revenue opportunities as well as help them to develop marketing campaigns based on the potential consumer’s habits.

WHERE do they stand in the market place and has this changed in the past few years?

Run a market share report to better understand where your client falls in relation to their competitors.  Is your goal to help them gain in this share?  If they are already at the top, how can you help them retain their customer base?  Trending is also beneficial in understanding your client’s performance over time.


Having done the research we know that T-Mobile is a distant second in the market and has had a decrease in customers over the past few years. We can now craft a narrative to help T-Mobile increase their customer base by understanding their competitor’s customers as well as the potential risk of those who plan to switch in the next year.

WHY should they partner with you?

Having helped your potential client understand their market landscape, you can now illustrate how your audience is the active consumer group they are searching for.


Go beyond the station’s ranking.  Prove the value of your station by illustrating the potential revenue your audience will bring to their business.  By showing that your audience is an active consumer group within the category, you can prove that your station is a smart partner in the wireless world.

We can see that WAAA’s audience accounts for 27 percent of the markets wireless spending and one-fourth of their audience plans to switch carriers in the next year, making the station a perfect fit for T-Mobile’s target consumers.

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 SOURCE: All data shown in the one-sheet are from Scarborough Research Release 2, 2012

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