Sales Manager Toolkit: WAAA’s Audience Shows Back to School Spending Power

Sales-Manager-ToolKit-June2013Although it seems like the kids just finished the school year, it’s already time to start thinking about “Back to School” advertising campaigns. Gone are the simple days of a new pair of sneakers to begin the new year. Now, entire wardrobes, new sporting equipment,  laptops and tablets have become just as prevalent in Back to School shopping. This edition of the Scarborough Sales Manager Toolkit focuses on profiling your audience as active Back to School shoppers. You can also click here to download the finished one-sheet, shown above.

Profile The Back to School Target


While the obvious target in this category is parents of school aged children, it’s still important to think how a variety of demographics may engage with this category. For instance, Scarborough introduced two new questions with the current 2013, release 1 data, asking if respondents are grandparents and/or if they are enrolled in college. These demographic insights can help prove the case of being a key Back to School consumer. Prove yourself as a true consultative seller by helping your potential client understand the best portion of your media (daypart, section, etc.) to purchase for the appropriate target by showing a comparative chart as shown in the example above.

Prove You Are The Key Customer


A category such as Back to School shopping has many possibilities for big box retailers, sports stores, department stores and more.  Showcasing your audience as avid shoppers at a variety of these stores will help with market comparisons and further prove your interest in the back to school category. When analyzing the data, users often stay with the same data point using target and index throughout a slide which at times can become monotonous. However, by incorporating multiple data points, we are able to provide a different viewpoint to translating the data  as shown in the chart above by stating both the Row Percent (33% of Target’s customers) and Target Population (440,000 shoppers).

Demonstrate Your Audience’s Purchasing Power


The Means/Medians/Totals tool in many software platforms allow for powerful ways to prove the value of your audience in a variety of categories. If your software does not have these variables available, they can be easily calculated in a spreadsheet. Analysis of the Target Population numbers provide the spending power of each category and can have an even greater impact when compared to average market spending.

Jump to the head of the class by creating your own Back to School one sheet and truly stand out to potential advertisers.  Contact your Scarborough representative or Dialog ( for additional help. To gain access to a free one-sheet template in which to add your own data simply fill out the form below.

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SOURCE: Scarborough Local Market Study, Release 1, 2013

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