Sales Manager Toolkit: Showcase Your Online Shopping Audience This Holiday Season

OnlineShoppingSMTKAug2015With 2014 Cyber Monday spending reaching record numbers, the importance of positioning your audience as active online shoppers is critical for increasing your revenue in the 2015 Holiday shopping season. The goal is to prove the influence of your digital shoppers, as well as to help your potential advertisers better understand your audience’s social media activity. This edition of the Scarborough Sales Manager Toolkit focuses on how to illustrate the power of your active online audience for the upcoming holiday season. You can also click here to download the one-sheet shown above.


Highlighting the fact that your audience are online shoppers is just the starting point; it is also important to demonstrate that they are avid shoppers and big spenders. Key Nielsen Scarborough spending questions can assist in proving the audience’s online worth and focusing on important holiday shopping categories such as retail and electronics will prove ROI. Further evaluate your online audience to gain better understanding of consumer motivations. Proving that they are hyperconnected (heavy internet users who shop online on any device), daily deal seekers (use internet/apps for Groupon.LivingSocial, etc.) and mobile shoppers (use their smartphone or tablet to shop online) are all great insights into illustrating the importance of your audience’s online shopping footprint.


Having proven the quality of your digital audience, focus on continuing the conversation with social shopping insights. It shouldn’t be a surprise that online shoppers are also active on social media but prove that your audience is even more engaged in social media than average. We can guide the advertiser to more targeted approaches in reaching key consumers segments by profiling specific sites/apps visited and helping them further understand how mobile users are accessing coupons. Even if the potential advertiser doesn’t focus on online sales, the social media analysis can help show that online communication will drive in-store sales.

As a consultative seller, it is important to be the “connector” with our advertisers and social media. Proving your audience’s social shopping presence is just one part in helping advertisers maximize ROI in their media buy. Contact your Nielsen Scarborough representative or Dialog ( for more help with this topic.

For more insights on the upcoming holiday season, please join Nielsen’s Holiday Watch and Buy Trends webinar on August 6th 2015 @ 2pm EST. You can click here to register.

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