Sales Manager Toolkit: The Power of Your Exclusive Audience

Sales Manager ToolKit - Aug 2013 - VER1 (Stans Furniture)We often focus on building our largest possible reach when profiling some of our smaller, niche audiences can prove to be a very telling story.  In this edition of Scarborough’s Sales Manager Toolkit we focus on profiling your exclusive audience. Exclusive audience can have a variety of meanings – exclusive to a major competitor, to all other similar media, to a completely separate media group, even exclusive within your own audience. For our example, we will be focusing on WAAA and their exclusive audience when compared to a competitor, WBBB. A common goal when discussing your exclusive audience is to convey the strength of this audience that would be completely missed if an advertiser focused on a competitor. You can also click here to download a PDF of the finished one-sheet, shown above.

Profile Your Exclusive Audience


Venn diagrams are often used when illustrating the shared and exclusive reach between media. Having created our exclusive WAAA audience, we can now gain a better understanding into this unique audience. Furthermore, we can examine key differences between the WAAA exclusive audience compared to the WBBB exclusive audience.

Demographics: While we may have a strong understanding of the total audience demographic, analyzing your exclusive audience may provide some surprises since the exclusive target will often produce a more extreme demographic description than the total audience.  For instance, the exclusive WAAA audience proved even stronger for high end demographics, raising the index for household income of $100K+.

Plan to Buy: As our audience becomes more niche, so do their shopping behaviors. Running a Plan to Buy ranker can help understand future shopping habits. Analysis of local stores between your total and exclusive audience may also help potential advertisers better understand the strength of your audience.

Geography: Inspection of your geography can also help define your exclusive audience. At one point you may want to emphasize that they reach across your entire market or conversely you could profile that they are more concentrated near a specific store or area of your focus. Examining the miles your audience travels proves that WAAA’s exclusive audience covered a wide territory in their local market.

Media Loyalty: A major goal in discussing your exclusive audience is to instill the idea that your niche audience will not be reached through other advertising. By looking at the Quintiles (with Quintile 1 being heaviest use of media and Quintile 5 being lowest use) we were able to prove that WAAA exclusive audience was indeed very ingrained in their own media (Quintile 1).  A further step may be to analyze competitive media quintiles to show your audience fails to be heavy users within those mediums.

Illustrating the Value of Your Exclusive Audience


At times it can be difficult to portray the difference in audience size in a Venn diagram so a simple chart can help emphasize the dominance of your exclusive audience. You could also take this initial bar and use it as your header for a larger chart further showcasing the difference between the audiences.

A trender report allows you to show the strength of your exclusive audience over time which can further illustrates their loyalty to your media.

Keep It Customizable


While the overall one sheet was meant to be a general overview of the strength of the WAAA exclusive audience, we did feel it was important to leave a customizable area to add a specific example for your potential advertiser (i.e.Stan’s Furniture). Not only can we easily swap the client in this box but we could then focus on more specified demographics, consumer habits, geography, etc. in the first section to cater to your client interests.

As competition for advertisers’ budgets continue to increase, it is becoming even more imperative to prove the importance of your exclusive audience. By providing both the overall exclusive reach and key profiling points, we can truly prove that not all audiences are created equal. Please contact your Scarborough representative or Dialog  for additional help. To gain access to a free one-sheet template in which to add your own data simply fill out the form below.

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 SOURCE: Scarborough Local Market Study, Release 1, 2013

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