Sales Manager Toolkit: Scarborough Has You Covered With Obamacare Marketing Insights

Healthcare Landscape One-SheetObamacare has arrived and it’s clear that there are new consumer healthcare marketing opportunities at hand. Insurers know this, and are no doubt executing strategic marketing accordingly. Want to connect with these new ad dollars? Scarborough has you covered in growing your healthcare revenue with in-depth insights on American attitudes and healthcare usage as outlined in the one-sheet example above. Click here to download a toolkit that features Scarborough’s valuable healthcare data solutions along with example one-sheets, including the one shown above.

You can use these insights to:

  • Find Business Opportunities Among Local Health Providers – local insurers, hospitals and pharmacies can be analyzed against demographics, lifestyles, health care attitudes, and more.
  • Target by Health Condition – Looking for consumers who use cardiologists or take high blood pressure medications? Or how about maternity services at a hospital? Scarborough has a wide range of data on usage of physicians, specialists, and both prescription and OTC medications.
  • Integrate Ideas Across Media Platforms – Obamacare brings the exchanges online. Scarborough can help you connect the dots between social media usage, websites visited and types of devices (iPads, smartphones, and more). This type of information lets you take a holistic approach to your new business pitch.
  • Target Consumers based on Healthcare Attitudes – from people who say they only go to the doctor when very ill, to those who claim they follow a regular exercise routine, Scarborough’s Attitudinal Insights (an additional Scarborough service) cover a wide variety of healthcare attitudes – information that can help you pinpoint coverage needs, at-risk consumers, and more.

All of Scarborough’s healthcare information can be further targeted by aligning it with any other categories measured – from demographics and retail patterns to event attendance and media usage.

Find out more about how Scarborough is your Obamacare marketing partner today. Contact us for more information.To gain access to a free one-sheet template in which to add your own data simply fill out the form below.

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SOURCE: One-sheet uses data from a Scarborough Local Market Study, Release 1, 2013




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