Sales Manager Toolkit: Illustrate Spending Power

GroceriesSMTK2015The value of your audience takes a whole new meaning when using Nielsen Scarborough’s spending questions. Scarborough’s tools provide simple approaches to find the mean, median, and total dollars spent for dozens of categories in the database. This edition of Scarborough’s Sales Manager Toolkit uses the grocery category to focus on the power of illustrating the revenue your audience can bring to a potential advertiser.This analysis is featured visually in the example one-sheet, shown above, which you can download here.


Having established your audience’s participation in the category (i.e. the percent who shopped at a local grocery store), you can now illustrate how their average weekly grocery spending exceeds that of the overall market population.


Prove your total market spending penetration by comparing your audience total spending to that of the entire market. Presenting this comparison in percent of total spending will illustrate the ROI your audience can bring.

Focus on key consumer groups for your potential client; identify category trends such as working moms and organic food purchasers or longtime valued customers such as loyalty card holders. Not only demonstrate how your audience reaches these shopper segments, but help the client understand the spending habits of these unique groups as well (average and total spending power).

Finding the spending power within categories allows you to show the added value in dollars your audience can bring to the partnership. Contact your Nielsen Scarborough representative or Dialog ( for a list of additional spending categories measured or for more help with this topic. To gain access to a free one-sheet template in which to add your own data simply fill out the form below.

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