Sales Manager Toolkit: Give the Gift of a Targeted Consumer Group this Holiday Season

Sales Manager ToolKit - Sep2013WAAA Delivers the Perfect Holiday Package

Finding new ways to portray your audience as active consumers can sometimes seem like a daunting and repetitive task. Demographics, audience rankers and spending habits have all become standard reporting; however, while these reports are still the cornerstone of crafting a strong story for our audience, it is important to challenge yourself and develop new and creative ways to illustrate your audience’s shopping patterns. This edition of the Scarborough Sales Manager Toolkit will use Holiday Shopping to explore some news ways to analyze audiences as consumers. You can also click here to download the finished one-sheet shown above.

Think of new ways to show your audience as active spenders

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Instead of ranking the items that your audience plans to buy, show the penetration of how your audience impacts the overall sales of a product or category. Using the Trender feature for items that your audience plans to buy not only shows your audience’s increased growth in the area but can also prove that they are feeling economically stable and are likely to be spend even more money.  The Means/Media/Total tool allows you to better position your spending power and help the advertisers understand key price points with which to advertise.

Go outside of the box with your demographics

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Customize your demographics to fit the sales pitch. While you want to show the obvious key demos (parents/households with children) try thinking outside of the box with other applicable demos such as very large households, grandparents and donators who may be buying extra during the holiday sales season.

Align your audience with current shopping trends

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As different gimmicks and specialty shopping days become more prevalent, we need to portray our audience in different viewpoints.  Create custom targets for Black Sunday Shoppers (WAAA + Coupon User + Shopped past 12 months) and Cyber Monday Shoppers (WAAA + Coupon User + online shopping past 12 months). Further highlight these two consumer bases with shopping patterns that are relevant to the advertiser’s category.

Demonstrate your audience’s digital presence

SMTC - Sept2013 - Chart04

It is becoming increasingly important for advertisers to connect with their consumers digitally so it is key to prove the connectivity of your audience with the multitude of internet questions. Understanding their social and mobile activity can aid in identifying the various ways in which the advertiser can reach the potential customer via the internet or Smartphones. Help guide the advertiser by demonstrating the ways these mobile users are gaining access to various coupons.

Give the gift of a targeted consumer group this holiday season by using some tips from our Sales Manager Toolkit. Contact your Scarborough representative or Dialog ( for additional help. To gain access to a free one-sheet template in which to add your own data simply fill out the form below.

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SOURCE: Scarborough Local Market Study, Release 1, 2013

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