Sales Manager Toolkit: Engage with WAAA’s Connected Audience

smtk-mayThe words connected and social have become common adjectives when describing today’s consumers. While traditional media vehicles still remain the cornerstone in reaching our audience, it is important to understand the online audience and how we can illustrate their value to clients in the ever-changing media landscape. Scarborough continues to capture this evolving group and has recently added valuable digital questions with the 2013 Release 1 data. This edition of the Scarborough Sales Manager Toolkit aims to highlight the importance of your connected audience and profile their growing digital footprint. Also, click here to download the finished one-sheet shown above.

Understand The Traditional Vs. Web Audience


While we often profile the strong demographic make-up of our traditional audience, it is generally proven that the online audience shows a complimentary profile for younger adults with higher incomes and employment status. Although the traditional audience may still provide the bulk of our total reach, it is important to remember the advantage of an online presence in reaching these connected and social consumers.

 Interest and Growth in Social Media


It is evident that growth in mobile and social media is continually increasing and Scarborough will help prove that your audience is on the forefront of this change. Trending the social media data may also help prove your audience to be digital early adopters. Understanding the sites they visit, as well as amount of time they spend online and engaged in social media, will continue to help you tell your connected story. Show your advertisers that reaching your social audience will help them continue the dialog with their potential consumers long after their advertisement runs.

Illustrate Your Hyper-Connectivity


With our new ability to look at the ways the internet and apps are used by various devices (computer, smartphone, tablet), you can illustrate a “day in the connected life” of your audience.  Show how your audience views online content as well as how your client’s customers engage with digital media. Further prove your audience’s online power by grouping all the devices together to show they are hyper-connected.

Illustrating your connected audience will show your clients the potential of larger reach and frequency with consumers that have a strong demographic profile to compliment your traditional media. The possibility is great that one or more of these social devices are being used, or are at least within arm’s reach, while your audience interacts with both your traditional and digital media.  It is important to prove that your connected audience is engaged, and even more important to show advertisers how to communicate with this logged in community.

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SOURCE: Scarborough Local Market Study, Release 1, 2013

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