Puerto Rico Adults Have Diverse Media Habits

Puerto Rico Media- shutterstock_126991964Puerto Rico Consumers Watch Nearly 35 Hours of TV and Listen to 24 Hours of Radio; 79% Read Printed Newspapers

Scarborough profiled media habits in Puerto Rico with our newly released Scarborough Puerto Rico local market insights. The new consumer statistics show that:

  • Puerto Rico adults watch nearly 35 hours of television per week
  • 79% of Puerto Rico adults read a printed newspaper in the past week
  • Puerto Rico adults listened to 24 hours of radio per week
  • Puerto Rico adults traveled 113 miles per week on average

Puerto Rico Consumers Watch TV for “Total Entertainment”

Sixty-four percent of Puerto Rico adults cite “total entertainment” as the primary reason for viewing television, making this the top reason for watching in the territory. Education ranks second, and enjoyment of advertising and commercials third.


More Than One-Third of Puerto Rico Adults Read Printed Newspapers for Local News

Thirty-five percent of Puerto Rico adults generally read the local news section of the printed newspaper during the past week. Main News/Front Page (34%) and International/National News (30%) round out the top sections of printed newspapers read by Puerto Rico adults during the past week.


Spanish Tropical Top Radio Format in Puerto Rico

Thirty-six percent of Puerto Rico adults listen to Spanish Tropical radio, making this the top radio format in the territory. Pop CHR (34%) and News/Talk/Information (33%) round out the top three radio formats listened to by Puerto Rico adults.


Local Streets Most Traveled by Puerto Rico Adults

Forty percent of Puerto Rico adults traveled on local streets in the past seven days. PR-18, PR-52, and PR-2 are all also heavily traveled roadways in the territory.


Scarborough Puerto Rico Data is Available Now!

Scarborough announced its entry to Puerto Rico late last year. In addition to demographics, lifestyle activities, attitudes and media consumption patterns, the company has been collecting data in the market on vital advertising categories such as automotive, shopping, technology, banking, telecommunications, fast food, and consumer package goods. Scarborough Puerto Rico also incorporates data from The Nielsen Company and Arbitron Inc., to calibrate the transactional currency TV and radio data with Scarborough’s qualitative attributes. It is available to access and analyze through Scarborough’s web-based and intuitive PRIME Lingo® software.

Scarborough’s first six-month Puerto Rico data deliverable is available now! In addition to the methods research, analytical and sales staff that Scarborough has in the continental U.S., the company hosts a sales and service team based locally.

SOURCE: Scarborough Puerto Rico Study, Release 1, 2013

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