Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten – Mother’s Day

Buying a Mother’s Day present can be a difficult task.  Many retailers set up displays or run promotions for “gifts Mom will love”, but not all Moms are the same.  Taking Mom’s lifestyle characteristics into account when shopping for a gift is a great way to ensure you deliver the gift your Mom will most appreciate.  Nielsen Scarborough analyzed three types of Moms, ranking where these Mom’s live, and looked at their interests to suggest gift options.

The Fit Mom

The Fit Mom may already have all the athletic clothing and sneakers she needs, so try gifts like a session with a personal trainer at her local gym or a gift certificate to try out a new yoga studio.  If you think Mom needs to open a physical gift, pair workout accessories with the personal trainer session, or a new yoga mat with the studio gift certificate.  

The Chef Mom

For Moms that like to cook, consider purchasing a meal delivery service that sends pre-portioned ingredients with recipe instructions. It can save Mom time by not having to go to the grocery store but also introduce her to new ingredients and recipes that can become family meal night staples.  To round out the meal, try pairing the meal delivery service with a wine of the month club membership.

The Fashionista Mom

Chances are the Fashionista Mom’s wardrobe is already up to date for the season so a new outfit may not be the best gift choice. Instead try a lifestyle box subscription service that sends trendy clothing, jewelry or cosmetics monthly.  Many traditional retailers offer this type of service, so check to see if Mom’s favorite clothing or cosmetics store has a subscription service.

Source: Nielsen Scarborough USA+ 2016 Release 2

Base = Moms (Women and Parent of a child under the age of 18)

Market list based on 77 DMAs available in USA+ database

Fit Mom – Mom who agrees strongly “I follow a regular exercise routine”

Chef Mom – Mom who agrees completely “During a given week, I cook meals frequently”

Fashionista Mom – Mom who agrees completely “I consider my fashion style to be trendy”




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