Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten: Mobile Gamers

With the meteoric rise in smartphone and tablet ownership across the country, the variety and access of apps has become nearly endless.  This is particularly true among gaming apps.  Games, once only available on a traditional console, or historically played with a group of friends gathering around a board, are now at our fingertips and being played by millions of Americans wherever they go.  Each year on July 8th, gamers celebrate Video Games Day, not to be mistaken with National Video Games Day which is celebrated September 12th.  To acknowledge the more than 63 million adults who play games on their mobile devices, Nielsen Scarborough has listed the Top 10 markets for Mobile Gamers*.


Stay tuned in September when we show our respects to National Video Games Day and list the Top 10 markets for those who own gaming consoles!

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Source: Nielsen Scarborough USA+ Release 2 2015

*Mobile Gamers defined as those who used Internet/apps in the past 30 days to play or download games on their smartphone or tablet

Ranking Methodology= Market rankings are based off the 77 DMA’s (Designated Market Area) measured in Nielsen Scarborough’s USA+ database




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