NCAA Tournament Sponsorship Offers A Slam Dunk

Each March, the NCAA stages its college basketball tournament, culminating in three weeks of basketball “madness.” Fans throughout the country watch wall-to-wall coverage of the games as the initial field of 68 teams is whittled down to the Sweet Sixteen, the Elite Eight, and then the Final Four. While office pool brackets may be good for nothing but confetti at this point, fans of the NCAA Tournament are as good as gold to the many advertisers who line up to partner with the NCAA’s signature event.

It’s little wonder that the NCAA Tournament’s audience is so desirable. Tournament viewers are 41% more likely to have a household income of $100,000+, 35% more likely to fall into the key 18-49 advertising age demographic, 38% more likely to have earned a college degree, and 17% more likely to work in white collar occupations.

The NCAA Tournament is a great fit for corporate partners like Enterprise who have a robust presence during commercial breaks. Over one-third of tournament viewers rented a car during the past year and they were 29% more likely to have done so than the average U.S. adult. One in five took a business trip during the past year and viewers were 25% more likely to have rented from Enterprise. All great reasons for Enterprise to invest sponsorship dollars.

Buffalo Wild Wings is another partner with a heavy advertising presence throughout “March Madness.” With the restaurant chain’s combination of wings, beer, and live televised sports events, NCAA Tournament viewers are 47% more likely to have visited Buffalo Wild Wings in the past month. Tournament viewers are the very customer segment that the restaurant chain is seeking, as one in four viewers visited a sports bar in the past month and one-third of all sports bar customers watched the NCAA Tournament in the past year.

The examples of corporate partners go on but it is easy to see why each of them finds it advantageous to partner with the NCAA where their messages are delivered to the legions of college basketball fans who tune in throughout the month of March and into early April. The NCAA Tournament’s unforgettable combination of star players and coaches, Cinderella stories, and dramatic finishes will keep fans tuning in and corporate partners reaping the benefits of sponsorship.

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ource: Nielsen Scarborough USA+ Release 2 2015




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