National Finals Rodeo Las Vegas: A Closer Look at NFR Viewers

The 2012 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo® (NFR®) brings the best all-around cowboys to Las Vegas the first week of December for ten straight days of championship rodeo.  While the events are happening in Las Vegas, NFR Viewers* around the country are gearing up for the action and Scarborough takes a peek.

You might assume that the NFR is popular in the West and Southwest, and you’d be correct.  The top 10 markets for NFR Viewers in the past year are all west of the Mississippi River, running from Spokane, WA to Little Rock, AR.  Las Vegas, the host city, is the third-ranked market for NFR Viewers, just behind Tulsa, OK and Albuquerque, NM.  If we analyze by headcount, major markets come into play but remain west of the Mississippi, with the top three as Los Angeles, CA, Dallas and Houston, TX.

As pro rodeo fans sit down at home to watch the events, what food and drink are likely to be at hand?  In the past week, 62 percent of NFR Viewers consumed regular soft drinks (13% more likely), 44 percent consumed fruit juice and 42 percent had a diet soft drink (8% more likely).  In terms of adult beverages, 46 percent drank beer in the past month and whiskey consumption is popular, with NFR Viewers –more likely to drink Canadian bourbon and blended/rye whiskeys.  To go with those beverages, packaged meat (75%), ice cream (65%), tortillas (13% more likely) and salsa (11% more likely) are all popular items consumed at home in the past month.

And what does that NFR Viewer household look like?  Thirty-two percent have at least one child at home (that next generation of fans is always critical!), 70 percent will watch on their HDTV’s and half own a dog.  They’ll certainly be sharing their opinions, as 40 percent social network online and 17 percent do so on their smartphones.  And advertisers take note, as top products that NFR Viewers plan to buy in the next year include furniture (15%), mattresses (14%), major appliances (10%), RV/motor homes (134% more likely), satellite radio (119% more likely) and ATV’s (85% more likely).

The 2012 NFR in Vegas – cowboy up!


*Scarborough defines NFR Viewers* as those who have watched National Finals Rodeo (NFR) within the past 12 months

SOURCE: Scarborough USA+ Study, Release 1, 2012

Photo credit: Sergei Bachlakov /

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