More Americans Read Newspapers Than Own Dogs or Eat Pizza

Print readership_shutterstock_141763462More than half – 57 percent – of American adults read a printed newspaper during the past seven days. That’s greater than the percentage of adults who own a dog (38%), conduct online banking on a mobile device (55%), drank bottled water (42%) or have life insurance (44%).

The printed newspaper’s role as part of the daily routine for many Americans remains unchanged. Its significance, in fact, far outweighs many other activities typically found in an average person’s daily life:

Print Readership Bullets

In the food and beverage category, a higher percentage of Americans read a newspaper than drank wine or beer:

  • Three times as many adults read a newspaper than drank wine during the past week (17% of adults 21+ drank wine).
  • Only one-quarter (25%) of adults 21+ drank beer during the past week.

Scarborough has been the industry source for newspaper audience measurement for more than 40 years. For more newspaper statistics or to learn about the readers in your market by contacting us today.

SOURCE: Scarborough USA+ Study, Release 2, 2013




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