Living Like a Local in Vegas: The Casinos, Restaurants and Activities Loved by the Locals

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According to Scarborough, eight percent of the U.S. adult population visited Las Vegas during the past year, making it one of America’s top tourist destinations. Since “living like a local” is appealing when traveling, Scarborough used local data to highlight the casinos, restaurants and activities popular to Las Vegas residents. According to Scarborough Las Vegas data:

  • You are likely to find Las Vegas locals visiting casinos off The Strip
  • California serves as an important feeder state to Las Vegas tourism, but people from all over the country flock to the city restaurants in casinos are a huge draw for Las Vegas residents
  • The Fremont Street Experience is popular among the locals
  • Las Vegas adults place a priority on outdoors activities and fitness
  • Las Vegas is among the country’s top viewers of digital video displays
  • Youth and Spanish-oriented media content is popular among  Las Vegas adults
  • Las Vegas locals have varied online tastes
  • Generation X rules Sin City

Las Vegas Locals Visit Casinos Off the Strip

Want to visit the casinos the locals enjoy? You’ll have to venture beyond the lights of Las Vegas Boulevard South. Red Rock and Boulder Station are the top two casinos visited by Las Vegas locals during the past three months with 17 percent visiting Red Rock and 14 percent visiting Boulder Station. The Orleans Hotel & Casino and Caesars Palace both rank highly on the list as well with 12 percent of locals visiting either. However, not all locals frequent casinos. One-quarter (25%) of the Las Vegas population did not set foot inside a casino during the past three months.

California Cities are Key Las Vegas Feeder Markets

While people from all over the country flock to Las Vegas yearly, the California cities of Los Angeles, Bakersfield, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento are all important feeder markets to the city. Utah and Arizona also send scores of visitors to Vegas.


Post-Gambling Pancakes and Big Macs: IHOP, McDonald’s Top Restaurant Brands for Las Vegas Adults

Sixteen percent of Las Vegas adults visited IHOP® during the past month, making this the top sit-down restaurant brand in the city. McDonald’s® leads the pack for quick service restaurants, as 43% of Las Vegas adults made a trip to the golden arches during the past month.


In terms of types of restaurants, however, Las Vegas locals like to go ethnic. About one-third went to a Mexican restaurant or a Chinese restaurant during the past month. Casino buffets are popular, too – 31 percent enjoyed one during the past 30 days.


Fremont Street Experience Loved by Las Vegas Locals

Forty-four percent of Las Vegas adults, or more than 670,000 locals, visited the Fremont Street Experience during the past year, making it top destination in the city. Las Vegas locals also are likely to be seen at music events or sports events.


Healthy Living, Vegas Style

Las Vegas conjures images of long walks through huge casinos and resorts. But outdoor activities are very appealing to its locals. Six of the top 10 activities enjoyed by Las Vegas adults during the past year typically require fresh air, such as swimming, jogging, biking, hiking and camping.

But adults in this city do go indoors for exercise when needed. They are 31 percent more likely than the average adult to belong to a gym or fitness club.


Digital Video Displays Abound in Vegas

Given that the lights of Las Vegas are so bright they are visible from space, it is no surprise that its locals are among the country’s most likely viewers of digital video displays. Las Vegas adults are 41 percent more likely than the average person to have viewed a digital video display in five or more places during the past six months, and 32 percent more likely to have seen displays in that many places during the past month.

Youth-Oriented and Spanish Programming Popular in Las Vegas

Scarborough examined local media usage and finds that youth and multiculturalism are key influencers in the market. Novelas, music videos and kids shows count among the most popular television program genres, and Mexican Regional and Spanish Contemporary are some of the most popular radio formats.



Las Vegas Locals Go Online for Cable & Traffic Info

Las Vegas online tastes are varied. They are 44 percent more likely than the average Internet user to have used a cable television network site during the past month, and they are 26 percent more likely to have gone online for financial info.


Generation X Rules Las Vegas

The vast majority of adults living in Las Vegas are members of Generation X, or ages 30-49.  Twenty-nine percent are Baby Boomers.


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SOURCE: Scarborough USA+ Study, Release 1, 2013 and Scarborough Las Vegas Local Market Study, Release 1, 2013

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