Keeping Up with the Baby Boomers

Baby Boomer InsightsA new study from Scarborough reveals that Baby Boomers (defined as adults age 45-64) make up 35 percent of the U.S. adult population (81M) and are willing to spend money to enjoy life’s adventures. According to Brian Condon, EVP of Commercial Development for Scarborough, “Baby Boomers remain an essential demographic since they reap the rewards of having had long careers and no longer have young children to care for. They represent a segment of the American population that has a thirst for adventure, and the financial freedom to explore that passion.”

In order for companies to earn the Baby Boomer dollar, marketers can identify efficient advertising opportunities through Scarborough’s media consumption insights and Baby Boomer statistics. In terms of internet usage, Baby Boomers can be found reading national news (28 percent), making travel reservations (23 percent) and gaining medical services and information online (14 percent). Of course the generation that made rock n’ roll mainstream are avid radio listeners; Baby Boomers listen to Adult Contemporary (30 percent), News and Talk (28 percent), and Classic Hits (25 percent). And finally, the kinds of television shows Baby Boomers typically watch are Movies (57 percent), Local Evening News (53 percent), Comedies (47 percent), and Local Morning News (44 percent).

Pinpointing the location of a target demographic is also important to achieving a successful marketing campaign. The top local markets for Baby Boomers are Detroit, Milwaukee, Cleveland, New Orleans and Seattle. For more demographic information and insights into Baby Boomers’ entertainment spending, click here.




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