It’s The Most Wonder “Bowl” Time Of The Year!

To the millions of adults around the country, the holiday season means taking a break from school and work and spending time with loved ones.  It also signifies the college football season finale with some of the best, most exciting match-ups of the year. Bowl season is the last chance for college football fans to get their fill of collegiate pigskin before the season ends.  With sponsorship dollars at a premium during bowl season, it’s imperative for advertisers to know how to catch the attention of their audience during this year’s bowl mania.  So here are 5 things marketers may not,but should, know about Bowl Game Viewers.

Not all Bowl Game Viewers are die-hard, college-age, male fans.  In fact, more than one-third (37%) consider themselves to be casual fans, meaning they’re either somewhat or only a little bit interested in the sport.  Half (51%) are 50 years or older and one-third of viewers are women!  

Bowl Game Viewers like to eat out, a lot!  In the past month, 57% of Bowl Game Viewers used a quick service restaurant five or more times.  During that same time period, 34% also visited a sit-down restaurant five or more times (24% more likely than the average U.S. adult).  While Chinese restaurants are the top choice among Bowl Game Viewers at 41%, they’re 73% more likely to have visited a sports bar during the past month.

Travel is in their blood. owl Game Viewers are 30% more likely to have flown for business and 11% more likely to have flown for personal reasons during the past year.  What’s more, they are 53% more likely than the average U.S. adult to be responsible for making business travel purchasing decisions for their company.  And they make travel arrangements over the web.  Twenty-eight (28%) made travel reservations (35% more likely) and 27% purchased airline tickets on the internet (20% more likely) during the past year.

Bowl Game Viewers have money and they plan to spend it.  With an average household income of $80,600 (13% higher than the national average), Bowl Game Viewers have spending power.  In the past year, they spent an average of nearly $1,000 on internet purchases.  More than half (53%) performed some type of home improvement in the past year and they are 26% more likely to be planning to buy a house or condo.  They are also more likely to be planning to purchase entertainment items for that new home in the coming year.  Items such as blu-ray or DVD players (41% more likely), high-definition TVs (35% more likely), satellite TV subscriptions (28% more likely), and smart TVs (22% more likely).

New, upgraded vehicles are in their future.  Bowl Game Viewers are 18% more likely to plan to buy a new vehicle and 12% more likely to plan to lease a vehicle in the next year.  They are not just looking at the base models as they are 44% more likely to plan to spend $45,000 or more on that new/leased vehicle.  Based on the features they have in their current vehicles, its a safe bet they’ll be looking for the same (or more upgraded features ) in their next set of wheels.


Score a big win for your brand and business during this year’s bowl mania by having the facts on who’s watching. Knowing who these valuable Bowl Games Viewers are and understanding their purchasing habits could mean all the difference in getting your team across the goal line.

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Source: Nielsen Scarborough USA+ 2016 Release 1






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