Indianapolis, The Sports Hotbed?

Insights on Indianapolis sportsBy all accounts , except for maybe hotel room prices, Indianapolis received rave reviews and served as a great first-time host for the 2012 Super Bowl. Indianapolis is quickly establishing a reputation as a more-than-competent host for a bevy of big-time events.  In addition to this year’s Super Bowl, and of course, the annual Indianapolis 500, the city has recently staged the Big Ten Men’s Basketball (annually since 2008)  and Football Championships (first ever 2011) and Men’s Final Four (three times since 2000 and again in 2015) and Women’s Final Four (two times since 2005 and again in 2016). Throw in the local Colts, Pacers and Indians minor league baseball and the headquarters of the NCAA, USA Gymnastics and the National Federation of State High School Associations, and you’re looking at a sports hotbed, right?  Let’s take a look at where Indianapolis ranks in terms of interest for these various sports to get a better feel for Indy as a sports town.

NFL Home to Peyton Manning (at least for now) and the Indianapolis Colts, Indy ranks number seven of 77 markets measured by Scarborough for avid interest in the NFL at 36 percent, which is 26 percent above the U.S. average. Impressively, 74 percent of Indy adults are fans* of the Colts.

Motor Sports Indy boasts it is the “Racing Capital of the World” and Scarborough may not be able to disagree. Indy ranks in the top 10 for avid interest in IndyCar (#1 rank), Formula 1 (#5), NASCAR (#6) and NHRA (#9). No question, the heartbeat of Indy is a revving engine.

Amateur Sports Indy also claims to be the “Amateur Sports Capital of the World.” The Scarborough results here are mixed. Indy is above the national average for college basketball avidity (64 percent more likely) and college football (8 percent more likely), but noticeably below average for the Olympics, gymnastics and figure skating. And although high school sports avidity has an index of 119, Indy only ranks number 35 in the U.S. As ground zero for high school basketball (think of the movie “Hoosiers”), you would expect Indy to have a higher high school ranking.

Overall, no question that Indianapolis is a strong market for a number of sports and has proven adept at handling and hosting some of America’s largest sporting events.

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