Iced Tea Drinkers Are Big Grocery Spenders & Coupon Users

Iced Tea_shutterstock_83398627Iced Tea Consumption Up Nine Percent Since 2010, Arizona® Brand Enjoys Largest Consumer Gains

Iced tea consumption is up nine percent since 2010, according to a new analysis from Scarborough. In 2010, 25 percent of adults indicated they had consumed a tea in a bottle or can during the past week. This increased to 27 percent in Scarborough’s most recent study.


The iced tea market is buoyed by the Arizona® and Snapple® brands, the only two iced tea brands measured by Scarborough that gained consumers  since 2010.  Arizona and Snapple consumers increased by 16 percent and 15 percent, respectively.


Young, Diverse Drinkers Pop Open Iced Tea

Iced tea manufacturers are enjoying product gains thanks to the young, ethnic drinkers who are opening their bottles and cans. Iced Tea Drinkers* are 30 percent more likely than the national average to be members of Generation Y (ages 18-29), 39 percent more likely to be African-American and 33 percent more likely to be Hispanic. They tend to have young families, and are more likely to have one or more children in the household.


Iced Tea Drinkers Spend Big on Groceries, Seek Coupons

When considering marketing strategy, couponing is a key component for iced tea brands. Scarborough’s grocery market research shows Iced Tea Drinkers are 15 percent more likely than the average person to spend $200 or more on groceries weekly. With these large grocery bills, they are also more likely to use coupons. They are 15 percent more likely to use coupons more than once per week, and usually obtain them in-store, via magazines, or via text messages.


Harlingen, TX is the Top Iced Tea Market

Harlingen, TX has the highest percentage of Iced Tea Drinkers in the country. Forty-one percent of adults here consumed tea in a bottle or can during the past week. Philadelphia (39%) and New York (37%) round out the top three markets for Iced Tea Drinkers. Green Bay, Portland, OR, and Salt Lake City are the least likely markets to drink iced tea.



Feeling thirsty? Find out more about iced tea consumption. How does it stack up against specialty coffee, bottled water, or any of the other beverages consumed by Americans? What are the co-marketing and event opportunities for iced tea brands? Media strategy? Contact us for more information on this and other data categories.

*Iced Tea Drinkers are defined as those adults who consumed tea in bottles or cans during the past week.

SOURCE: Scarborough USA+ Study, Release 2, 2012.

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