Hitting a “Media” Home Run With The Non-Collegiate White Male Voter

Representing approximately one quarter of the registered voting population, Non-Collegiate White Male Voters are over 46 million strong.   Heavily invested in the political future of their country, 82% report that they are registered to vote in their district of residence.  In this third article of our 2016 key voter segment series, we’ll focus on examining the media habits of the Non-Collegiate White Male voter to assist campaigns in delivering key platform messaging that will bring him to the polls on Election Day.

Traditional broadcast media will play a significant role in reaching the Non-Collegiate White Male Voter.  In an average week he spends 29 hours and 52 minutes watching television, 23 minutes more per week than the average voter.   His television viewing time is almost equally split between broadcast and cable, but Non-Collegiate White Males do spend almost an hour and a half more per week than the average voter viewing cable networks.  Ads surrounding sports related content are sure to deliver these male voters, as over half (55%) say they typically watch sports programming and they are 23% more likely to do so.  Special TV sports programs/events will offer a prime reach venue as the Non-Collegiate White Male is more likely to watch almost all of them without regard to the sport being featured.

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Radio also offers wide reach to this key voter segment, almost all, 89% have listened to radio during the past week.  Formats preferred include Country (31%), News/Talk/Information (24%), Classic Rock (23%), Classic Hits (19%) and Adult and Pop Contemporary (17%).  And given they are 23% more likely than the average voter to be driving 250+ miles per week,  radio as well as out of home advertising have great potential to reach this mobile voter.

Newspaper reaches approximately three in five Non-Collegiate White Male Voters with print versus digital being their preferred format.  Both weekly and Sunday editions reach him with 53% reading a weekly newspaper and 46% a Sunday newspaper.  Sectional readership closely mirrors the average voter with the exception of the sports section where the Non-Collegiate White Male Voter is 14% more likely to read this section.

Ownership of internet accessible devices by Non-Collegiate White Male is similar to that of the average voter.  On average he spends 7 hours and 52 minutes per week online which is 27 minutes less per week than the average voter.  Slightly over half (56%) have engaged in social media during the past month, 13% less likely than the average voter, with time spent per day around 45 minutes.   Not surprisingly, sports related digital content will resonate with this voter segment as Non-Collegiate White Males are 30% more likely than the average voter to have used the internet/apps during the past month to receive fantasy football/sports information and 24% more likely for sports scores/updates.

Traditional media in terms of both broadcast and print promises to reach this “traditionally” important voter segment.  And while digital might not have the same sparkle for this voter segment as it does for others, it still has importance, especially in reaching the younger Non Collegiate White Male Voter.   Regardless of medium, advertising placed around sports related content is sure to score a home run with this important voter segment.

Click here to download the latest infographic by Nielsen Scarborough that highlights media habits of the Non-Collegiate White Male Voter.

Source: Scarborough USA+ R1 2015




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