Frequent Digital Display Viewers Have the Auto Industry on Their Minds


Eighty-nine percent of the U.S. population drive cars as their primary mode of transportation, making the auto industry a space to reach the vast majority of the nation with your messaging. Scarborough local market insights show that messages that build excitement in one market, however, may not hit the “hot button” for adults in another market, upping the importance of localized ads, including digital place-based media. In order to gather perspective on several markets across the county, we focus on local automotive industry data for Chicago, New York, Houston, San Diego and San Francisco.

Chicago adults are 19 percent more likely than that average U.S. adult to agree completely with the statement “I’m loyal to my vehicle brands and stick with them,” while New York adults and San Diego adults are more likely to disagree completely with that statement.  In terms of spending, Houston adults are 11 percent more likely than all adults to agree completely that they want the cheapest and easiest to maintain vehicle they can find. San Francisco adults, however, are 54 percent more likely to agree completely that they generally purchase the most expensive model with all the luxury appointments and options.

Given the amount of driving that  U.S. adults do (on average, 157 miles per week), understanding digital video display viewing habits is essential to your marketing mix. Sixteen percent of the total U.S. population are Frequent Digital Display Viewers, defined as adults who have viewed digital video displays in five places or more in the past six months. This consumer segment is 39 percent more likely than all U.S. adults to have traveled 250 miles or more in the past 7 days, making digital video screens a great way to reach car owners and prospective car buyers. Frequent Digital Display Viewers are a crucial segment for auto dealerships to look at because they are more likely than the average adult in their market to plan to purchase a car:

DPAA- viewers and auto

Since Frequent Digital Display Viewers are looking to purchase new vehicles for their households, what are the primary reasons they visited a particular dealership to buy or lease their last vehicle?

DPAA- reasons used dealership

When targeting Frequent Digital Display Viewers, looking specifically at where they are viewing video displays is an important factor when planning a digital marketing strategy to ensure you are reaching your targets in the most effective way.

DPAA- national places view screens

Frequent Digital Display Viewers in the five featured markets say that restaurants and bars are where they see digital media most commonly.  Retail locations, gas stations, shopping malls and grocery stores all figure into the top ranks for the individual cities as well. Certain types of locations really stand out in individual cities:

DPAA-Places Viewed Screens-5 Markets

Digital place-based viewing habits vary between markets, so understanding demographics of this consumer segment in each market can paint a more vivid picture of the marketplace. Do Frequent Digital Display Viewers have children? Are they employed full-time? What is their annual household income? Contact us for more information on Frequent Digital Display Viewers or other media.

SOURCE: Scarborough USA+ Study, Release 1, 2013, Scarborough Chicago, Houston, New York, San Diego and San Francisco Local Market Studies, Release 1, 2013 and Scarborough/GfK MRI Attitudinal Insights Data




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