Food Network TV Audiences are Family-Oriented

The Food Network® provides TV audiences with unique meal, various recipe offerings and talented chefs to guide them. Demographic data from a Scarborough analysis on U.S. adults 18 and older who watched the Food Network in the past seven days shows that this group’s shopping habits and attitudes about family values may be influenced by their food-loving TV programs.

With 39 percent of Food Network audiences citing they have one or more children in their households, it’s no shock that they are 13 percent more likely than all U.S. households to spend $150-$199 on groceries per week and 12 percent more likely to spend $200 or more per week. While 32 percent of adults who watch the Food Network  completely agree that during a given week they cook meals frequently, 43 percent of them used frozen pizza and other frozen products in the household in the past 30 days. The chart below shows other top products for Food Network households.

The attitudes of consumers who watched the Food Network in the past 7 days also show that they value time with their families. In fact, 53 percent of them completely agree that spending time with their families is their top priority. Also, 45 percent completely agree that they try to eat dinner with their families almost every night. More than three-fourths of this group also agree that they prefer cooking with fresh food rather than canned or frozen food and 65 percent agree they enjoy being creative in the kitchen.

Attitudes on family values carry into their social networking and mobile habits. Online adults who watched the Food Network in the past seven days are 10 percent more likely than all online adults to believe that it is very important to use or visit social networking sites to follow the activities of friends and family. Also, Food Network watchers who have cell phones are 11 percent more likely to use their phones for news/weather/traffic and 15 percent more likely to play or download games on their phones than all U.S. adults with cell phones.

SOURCE:  Scarborough USA+ Study, Release 1, 2012-Scarborough/GfK MRI Attitudinal Insights data

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