First Lady Sets the Example for Fashion-Conscious Democrats in Chicago

Since moving into the White House, First Lady Michelle Obama has set a fresh example for American fashion. From her Jason Wu designed 2009 inaugural ball gown, to delivering speeches and making appearances in designs from more common retailers such as J.Crew, Talbots and Target, Mrs. Obama demonstrates the eclectic fashion interests of today’s Americans.

Mrs. Obama shares an interest in style with fellow Democrats living in her native Chicago. Scarborough examined the fashion behavior and tastes of Chicago Democrats*, finding that they:

Value the Classics but Keep up with the Trends: They prefer classic, timeless fashion, however also like to simultaneously consider themselves trendy. They also enjoy buying clothes at the start of the season and frequently change hair styles.

Buy for Themselves: These fashion lovers wear designer brands and dress for themselves, not to impress others. Like the First Lady, these fashionistas like to mix-and-match high-end designers with more accessible retailers.

Spend on Fashion: They are more likely to say they spend more than they expect to on fashion purchases, and that clothes made by fashion designers are more appealing.

Will do What it Takes to Stay in Fashion: Democrats in Chicago are likely to say they’d consider cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance.

*Chicago Democrats are defined as those adults who indicate they are registered to vote and consider themselves Democrats regardless of their voting history

SOURCE: Scarborough USA+ Study, Release 1, 2012-Scarborough/GfK MRI Attitudinal Insights data

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