Fan Interest in MLB Tickets

Fan Interest in MLB TicketsAs the sun starts to shine with more fervor and grass is turning green, Americans know that another baseball season is here. Over 70 million people attended Major League Baseball games in 2011. With the 2012 season upon us, let’s take a closer look at the MLB ticket buyer.

15 percent (35M) of all U.S. adults are willing to spend between $25-$49 and five percent (11M) are interested in buying partial/full-season MLB tickets. The top five local markets willing to spend $25+ on a single game MLB ticket are: Boston, MA; Philadelphia, PA;  Providence, RI; Albany, NY; and Hartford, CT. Boston and Albany are obviously Red Sox and Yankees country, respectively, but this still means that three of the top five markets willing to spend $25+ on a single game MLB ticket don’t even have a local team!

The top five local markets interested in partial/full-season MLB tickets are Philadelphia (Phillies – a phenomenal 667K adults), Milwaukee (Brewers), Minneapolis (Twins, new stadium), St. Louis (Cardinals, defending champs) and San Francisco (A’s and Giants, Giants won the title in 2010). When you focus on season tickets, the audiences interested shifts to MLB markets. This makes sense as out-of-market folks are less likely to be interested in a full package and would prefer single game tickets.

U.S. adults interested in $25+ tickets are largely employed full-time, have at least a college degree, work in white collar professions and are white non-Hispanic. Audiences interested in partial or full-season tickets lead for annual household income, home value, having children in the home and working in blue collar professions.

To learn more about Major League Baseball fans- where they live, what they buy and how they enjoy their sport- contact us today or download our MLB infographic.


SOURCE:  Data presented in this article is derived from Scarborough’s USA+ Release 2 2011





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