Media Habits Of The Hispanic Millennial Voter

Since the last presidential election Hispanic Millennial Voters have grown by nearly 2 million and  make up a large proportion (40%) of the 19 million registered Latino voters. Finding ways to join the digital and traditional components of each medium will help in producing optimal results to reach this key voter segment. This infographic highlights the media habits of the Hispanic … [Read more...]

Media Habits Of The Non-Collegiate White Male

Representing approximately one quarter of the registered voting population, Non-Collegiate White Male Voters are over 46 million strong.   Heavily invested in the political future of their country, 82% report that they are registered to vote in their district of residence.  This infographic highlights the media habits of the Non-Collegiate White Male Voter to show which media strategies might be … [Read more...]

Back To School Shopping: Reaching Busy Parents

As the Back to School shopping season kicks off it’s important for retailers to understand who their customers are and how they shop. In this latest infographic Nielsen Scarborough examines  shopping habits of  “Busy Parents*”, parents with children under the age of 18 who agree “I am so busy, I often can’t finish everything I need to in a day”. These parents will be out in full-force this summer … [Read more...]

Media Habits Of The African American Voter

Traditional media promises to provide the backbone for political campaigns working to engage the African American Voter.  But campaigns have opportunities with digital and out of home via specific social media and video display networks. This infographic highlights media habits of the African American Voter to show which media strategies might help encourage voting at the polls. … [Read more...]

Media Habits Of The Single White Female Voter

While traditional media still holds strong for the Single White Female Voter, the importance of digital in reaching this key voter segment can been seen whether its enhancing the reach of traditional mediums via their digital audiences or reaching out directly to her via internet advertising/content, social media or digital video displays. This infographic highlights media habits of the Single … [Read more...]

In Print Or Online Newspapers Reach Shopper And Spenders

The infographics below offer an overview of spending habits by online and print newspaper readers (also know as a Integrated Newspaper Audience). You have the option to download annual spending categories and/or 3 month spending categories that are measured by Nielsen Scarborough.      ANNUAL SPENDING             3 MONTH SPENDING                                                     … [Read more...]

Trendsetting Shopper – Puerto Rico

It may be 80 degrees in Puerto Rico, but holiday shopping is just heating up.   And with every holiday season comes a wish list which includes the hottest-selling, must have gifts.  But did you ever wonder who is responsible for making those gifts the must-haves of the season?  Nielsen Scarborough examined the Trendsetting Shopper, adults 18+ who buy products earlier than most of their friends and … [Read more...]

Increase Holiday Sales By Unwrapping Gift Splurgers

Download a free infographic one-sheet highlighting Gift Splurgers       According to the National Retail Federation, 2015 holiday sales are expected to reach an estimated $630.5 billion dollars. In order for retailers, manufacturers and shopping outlets to get their fair share of the shopping bag, it requires an understanding of the consumers who are most likely to … [Read more...]

Getting Digital With Gift Splurgers

This key consumer segment is readily available to hear your message at every click or step. Understanding in-market lifestyle habits as well as media and digital shopping patterns will help deliver results. To find out more about reaching the Gift Splurger locally with digital click here.   To learn more about the Nielsen Scarborough , visit our website or contact us … [Read more...]

Parents-to-Be Focused on Saving for the Future

In addition to growing their family, America’s eight million Parents-to-Be, defined as adults who say they are expecting the birth of a child during the next year are reinforcing and expanding their financial foundation. This consumer group is 45 percent more likely than the average person to have a 529 plan/college savings plan in their household, 38 percent more likely to have a 401k, and 23 … [Read more...]




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