Nielsen Scarborough Top 10: National Mammography Day

National Mammography Day takes place on October 21, 2016.  The day serves as a reminder to all women that the best defense against breast cancer is early detection.  The American Cancer Society suggests that women who are at average risk of breast cancer should begin regular mammograms at age 45.  According to Nielsen Scarborough MARS, only slightly over half (54%) of women age 45 or older have … [Read more...]

The 12th Woman: College Football’s Avid Female Fans

With the college football season underway, rivalries are taking place off the field among family, friends and coworkers.  The trash-talking, however, may not be isolated to men as one out of every three avid college football fans* are women.  Nielsen Scarborough analyzed the avid female college football fan to provide key sponsor category insights into this important consumer segment as well as to … [Read more...]

Nielsen Scarborough Top 10: National Coffee Day

Cappuccino, macchiato, café latte, flat white, long black, red eye, dead eye, Americano or espresso.  There’s no doubt Americans love their coffee, and the types of drinks and variety of beans can make any caffeinated-head swirl.  Each year, September 29th is recognized as National Coffee Day, a day Americans pay homage to that wondrous, little roasted bean that gives us our morning (or … [Read more...]

Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten: Video Game System Ownership

Back in July, Nielsen Scarborough acknowledged Video Games Day by ranking the Top 10 markets with the highest penetration of Mobile Gamers (those who played or downloaded games on their smartphone or tablet in the past 30 days).  Well, lucky gamers, you get to celebrate two separate gaming holidays!  That’s because each year, September 12th is recognized in the gaming world as National Video Games … [Read more...]

Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten Markets: Blood Pressure

May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month. High blood pressure (hypertension), is often referred to as the silent killer.  Millions of Americans suffer from hypertension, but many are often unaware they have the condition. According to Nielsen Scarborough MARS, nearly a quarter (23%) of US adults have been professionally diagnosed with high blood pressure. Fortunately, high blood … [Read more...]

Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten Markets: Grilling

Smell that? It’s the irresistible aroma of fresh meat and vegetables simmering over an open flame. With the arrival of spring, what better way to enjoy the warming temperatures and longer daylight hours than cooking a meal outside and enjoying the company of friends and family. Last year over 145 million Americans fired up their grills, and to kick off grilling season this year Nielsen Scarborough … [Read more...]

Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten Markets: Volunteering

April is National Volunteer Month, a time when we honor those selfless Americans who have generously donated their time and effort to help others in their community. According to Nielsen Scarborough, over 67 million adults 18+ in the U.S. have volunteered in the past year. What’s more, there’s mounting scientific evidence that suggests volunteering is also helpful to the volunteers themselves! … [Read more...]

Earth Day 2016: It’s In The Bag

Earth Day 2016 has a main theme of reforestation, with a goal of planting 7.8 billion trees worldwide. However, the Earth Day Network also has a goal to keep the movement going 365 days a year with ongoing campaigns such as 100% renewable cities, divesting dependence on fossil fuels and A Billion Acts of Green. One of the easiest changes consumers can make in support of’s Billion Acts … [Read more...]

Nielsen Scarborough Top 10 Markets: Beer Drinkers

 "I Think Now Is A Good Time For A Beer" These famous words were spoken by President Franklin Roosevelt on March 22, 1933. On that historic day, the newly sworn-in President took the first step towards ending Prohibition by signing the Cullen-Harrison Act. On April 7, 1933, the law officially went into effect legalizing the production, sale and consumption of beer. April 7th is now recognized and … [Read more...]

Hometown Pampered Pets

Many U.S. adults would say pets play a vital role in the family dynamic and apparently they are being treated as such. According to Nielsen Scarborough, over a third (37%) of U.S. adults own a pet and agree they deserve to be pampered. Whether buying a specific type of pet food or splurging on accessories, it’s nothing but the best for those who feel their furry friend completes their … [Read more...]




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