Sales Manager Toolkit: Get Your Media On The Buy

As many advertising budgets continue to shrink, it is inevitable that certain media and stations will lose out on a buy.  Stations may have difficulty meeting the criteria of a CPP and can differentiate themselves by illustrating their audience's strength outside of  demographics.  In this how-to guide, we will discuss how to create an audience profile with Scarborough in order to get your station … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: Expanding Scarborough’s Measurements To Prove The Value Of Your Audience

Even with the 2,000+ measurements available within Scarborough, we know that there are still small retailers or prospective clients who are not listed or perhaps the sample size is too small.  This edition of the Scarborough Sales Manager Toolkit focuses on how to build a target with local data when your potential advertiser is not listed.  Using the upcoming Mother's Day season as an example, … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: What You Need to Know About Your Client Before You Meet

A major advantage of having a local market database is the ability to “do your homework” prior to meeting your potential client.  We often assume our clients have access to local data and understand their marketplace, when in fact, they don’t.  You can be a consultative seller in helping them understand the true landscape of their business as well as how your audience can aid in their … [Read more...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: A Closer Look at How to Leverage Scarborough Statistics

Does your station tell your best story?  With the pressure of looming deadlines, we often use the numbers in which we are most comfortable with and can miss a completely different and more compelling story. Some people go right to a high index, others may only highlight their large target audiences. At times we may want to focus on our own audience and at others we should talk about our … [Read more...]

Using Sample in Innovative Ways to Create Custom Analytic Solutions—Part Two

In Part One of this article we discussed two case studies, wherein Scarborough clients turned to us for custom data solutions, designed to meet their specific segmentation and branding needs. We demonstrated how our clients got more mileage out of their investments in custom data solutions, as we cross referenced these findings to the vast list of standard demographics we measure at … [Read more...]

More than 4,900 Media and Marketing Professionals are Using PRIME Lingo, Are You?

There are more than 4,900 media and marketing professionals across about 800 companies currently enjoying PRIME Lingo® Scarborough’s data analysis software. And, with PRIME NExT set to retire in April, it’s time for everyone to get on-board with the rich functionality that PRIME Lingo offers. Scarborough clients have already applauded PRIME Lingo. Linda Fullington, assistant vice president of … [Read more...]

Using Sample in Innovative Ways to Create Custom Analytic Solutions

One of Scarborough’s unique advantages is the ability to leverage our Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited syndicated data—and the respondents who have participated in our syndicated studies. We have done so in creative ways in order to enhance the utility of our custom solutions and, in many cases, provide more cost-effective solutions by reducing data collection and sample acquisition … [Read more...]

How to Target Hispanic Consumers Using Scarborough

Multicultural marketing has been around for decades and Hispanics have long been the largest targetable ethnic group.  But, much like in mainstream targeting, the industry has discovered that not all 25 to 54 year olds are alike, similarly, not all Hispanics are alike.  To target simply based on the fact that a person answers “yes” to the “Are you Hispanic?” question can lead marketers to a target … [Read more...]

Introducing Scarborough’s Sales Manager Toolkit

Welcome to the Scarborough Sales Manager Tool. Utilize this easy to use one-sheet and step-by-step guide to save time in your holiday retail shopping sales efforts. Click here to download this completed sample one-sheet. By creating this one-sheet, you can show that your audience is your customer's ideal consumer.  Using a variety of data points (audience projection, target percent, index) … [Read more...]

How to Use Scarborough/TargetSmart Voter Registration Data

The recent addition of the TargetSmart voter registration data into the Scarborough studies will allow for richer political target profiling.   This article will discuss how to use TargetSmart data to define specific voter targets and how to look at the media that reached them best.  Step 1: Define the Absentee/Early Voter It has been said the in many states the absentee or early voting is … [Read more...]




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