Back to School Shopping: What Retailers Need to Know About Busy Parents

As the Back to School shopping season kicks off it’s important for retailers to understand who their customers are and how they shop in order to create a positive shopping experience.  Retailers need to understand that not all shoppers are alike and cater the customer experience toward specific shopping segments.  “Busy Parents*”, parents with children under the age of 18 who agree “I am so busy, … [Read more...]

Online Categories Achieving Generational Parity

People don’t often think about how frequent they go online.  For most persons, it has become an integrated, necessary part of everyday life.  Today, 84% of adults access the internet monthly and while there is still a slightly younger age skew, we are drawing nearer to the time when there will be little difference among generations for certain online habits and activities.  Except for the Greatest … [Read more...]

African American Voters: Media Strategies To Encourage Turn Out At The Polls

African American Voters played a dynamic role in the 2012 elections when turnout at the polls reached historical proportions. In 2016 this voter segment will continue to play an important role in the outcome of many political campaigns.   In this article, the second in a series overviewing key voter segments for the 2016 elections, Nielsen Scarborough examined the media consumption behaviors of … [Read more...]

Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten: Mobile Gamers

With the meteoric rise in smartphone and tablet ownership across the country, the variety and access of apps has become nearly endless.  This is particularly true among gaming apps.  Games, once only available on a traditional console, or historically played with a group of friends gathering around a board, are now at our fingertips and being played by millions of Americans wherever they go.  Each … [Read more...]

All The Single Ladies: Getting Her To The Polls For The 2016 Election

In 2008 the Grammy award for song of the year went to Beyonce’s "Single Ladies". The song became an anthem for single women who gravitated to the ideals portrayed in the lyrics - “I could care less what you think, I need no permission, did I mention”.   That independent attitude continues to gain momentum as does the size of the single female voter population.   As part of an ongoing series of … [Read more...]

Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten: Podcast Listeners And Financial Services

What do investments and podcasts have in common?  Both are seeking growth in a marketplace crowded with a multitude of choices. And since podcast audiences are more likely to live in households that invest and/or use financial services a great way to achieve a mutual boost is by honing in on key financial topics that will interest this invested audience.  Here are the top ten household … [Read more...]

The Prescription For Increasing Mobile Healthcare App Downloads

Smartphones and tablets have become essential tools for patient engagement with approximately 2.5 million Americans using their mobile device each month to obtain medical information.  Patients are increasingly leaving the doctor’s office with not only an Rx for a drug but a mobile app suggestion for service or information as well.   With thousands of choices in the marketplace, how can healthcare … [Read more...]

The Wow And Now For Smart Home Technology

It started simple, with the ability to control home alarm systems through a mobile phone. Next came the ability to unlock doors and control thermostat settings remotely, followed by programming for sprinkler systems, lighting and appliances. Smart home technology has evolved and so has its potential to be one of the fastest growing retail sectors. For retailers to make the most of this growth, … [Read more...]

Banking On Boomers – Tailoring Financial Apps To Increase Generational Use

Long gone are the days of getting into your car and frantically driving to your bank’s local branch in hopes of completing a transaction before the doors close for the day. With the meteoric rise of smartphones and tablets, financial institutions have taken a digital detour and are now investing in driving consumer transactions via mobile and online banking systems. And while many of these systems … [Read more...]

The Changing Face Of Mobile Retail

Mobile commerce represents nearly one-third of all U.S. e-commerce sales*. While that number is impressive, recent research shows that it could grow tremendously if retailers address issues with purchase conversion rates. According to a recent MediaPost article, Mcommerce Nears Major Tipping Point: “165.8 million U.S. consumers 14+ will browse products on their smartphones, but then fail to … [Read more...]




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