Cashing In On Fashion Forward Awards Show Viewers

In addition to the discussions about the best music and movies of the year, fashion and style have always been hot topics surrounding both the GRAMMYs and the Oscars. The attire of the attendees themselves is often debated more fiercely than the winners and losers of the actual awards. But how can retailers cash in on the fashion forward GRAMMY and Oscar viewers that will be hitting the stores to update their wardrobes? Nielsen Scarborough analyzed the retail behaviors and attitudes of viewers of each show to understand the potential impact they can have on retailers this awards season.

The attire of GRAMMY attendees tends to be more relaxed than that of their more formal Oscar counterparts and this same differentiation is reflected in viewer’s attitudes towards style. GRAMMY viewers are 11% more likely than the average U.S. adult to agree completely, “I consider my fashion style to be trendy,” whereas Oscar viewers are 10% more likely to agree completely, “I prefer fashion that is classic and timeless.” In order to ensure that collections being carried appeal to the viewers of the awards shows, retailers should carry designs that will appeal to their ideal shopper, whether that be the shopper with the more relaxed fashion style, the more formal fashion style or both. The diversity in collections is also important, especially for GRAMMY viewers as they are 18% more likely to agree completely, “I love to mix and match high and low end designers when putting together an outfit.”

Viewers for each show are not overly brand loyal so the style of a collection may be more important than the brands themselves. Over a third of viewers of each awards show (35% for each) agree completely, “When buying fashion products the overall look is more important than the brand.” Building on this, just 11% of viewers of each show agree completely, “I am loyal to only a few fashion brands and stick with them.”

Both GRAMMY and Oscar viewers are more likely than the average U.S. adult to have purchased women’s attire in the business and casual clothing as well as shoe categories. Specifically, GRAMMY viewers are 28% more likely to have purchased women’s business clothing, 16% more likely to have purchased women’s casual clothing and 21% more likely to have purchased women’s shoes in the past year.




Viewers of both awards shows are shopping and spending more than the U.S. average and while the GRAMMY viewer is slightly more likely than the Oscar viewer to have purchased women’s apparel the Oscar viewer is spending more on average for these items.




One thing that is certain this awards season is that the fashion choices of the show attendees will be discussed and debated on social networking sites. Viewers of both the GRAMMYs and the Oscars are avid social networkers. 77% of GRAMMY viewers and 74% of Oscar viewers have used the Internet or apps for social networking in the past month.




As a retailer, it’s important to be actively joining the conversation across all forms of social networking sites. For example, with 1 in 5 viewers for each show using Pinterest (20% of GRAMMY viewers and 19% of Oscar viewers), creating a Pinterest style board for awards fashion will allow followers to become online brand ambassadors and share trends they like with their friends and followers.

Both the GRAMMY and Oscar viewers are highly desired consumer segments for retailers this awards season. They are fashion forward, social networking butterflies who will be talking about trends during the shows and then pulling out their wallets to fill their closets with the hottest items. Retailers will want to be sure to carry design collections that appeal to both the more relaxed style of Grammy viewers as well as the more formal style of Oscar viewers. Additionally, retailers can maximize their brand awareness by contributing to viewers’ social networking conversations. Combining the right merchandising mix with the right social media conversations promises retailers they will walk away with the award for a successful spring season.

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Source: Nielsen Scarborough USA+ GfK/MRI Module, Release 1 2015




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