Bienvenido a Miami: Where the HEAT is On and Online Spending is Hot Among Hispanics

Miami-shutterstock_109905860The Miami Heat® has a long history of turning up the temperature on the basketball court in its South Florida home. But the hot image this city conjures goes beyond their cherished NBA® team and the sand on South Beach. Miami is also a leading Hispanic market, and this city’s Latino population is coveted for its online spending habits.

Miami Heat is the Most Loved Professional Sports Team in the City

More than half (53%) of Miami adults are Heat Fans*. The Heat has the largest fan base of any other professional sports team in the city. Miami cracks the top ten markets for NBA Fans**. Adults in this city are 33 percent more likely than all consumers nationally to be fans of the league.



Miami’s Hispanic Population are Big Spenders Online

While Miami’s population consists of a high percentage of basketball fans, this city also contains many Hispanics who are active online spenders. According to Scarborough’s Miami data, Hispanic adults living in Miami who are online are 28 percent more likely than other online Latinos to spend $1,000 or more online annually. Avid internet users overall, Miami’s online Hispanics are 11 percent more likely than other online Latinos to spend 10 hours or more online weekly, and also 11 percent more likely to spend upwards of an hour on social networking sites daily.

Their online interests are varied. They are more likely to utilize the internet for everyday activities such as banking and checking on national news. But they also go online for deals – Miami Hispanics are more likely than other online Latinos to use the internet for coupons or daily deals.

In terms of what they buy online, Miami’s Hispanic internet users are more likely than other online Hispanics to buy in categories such as travel (both airline tickets and other types of travel reservations) and everyday items, such as books and clothing.



Miami Hispanics are Empty Nesters with Long History in U.S.

Hispanics in Miami are well-established. They are more 37 percent more likely than the average Latino to be Baby Boomers and 65 percent more likely to have lived in the U.S. upwards of 20 years. While they are typically not born in the country, Miami Hispanics are more likely to be college graduates and have annual household incomes of $75K.


Do you want to learn more about Miami? How about the shopping scene, or what Miami adults do for fun? Or, perhaps, detailed profiles on the media this diverse community is engaged with? Sure, the Heat are tops among total adults in the market, but what about female fans? Or high-earners? Scarborough has the answers to your Miami questions.

SOURCE: Scarborough Miami Local Market Study, Release 1, 2013, Scarborough USA+ Study, Release 2, 2012 and Scarborough Hispanic Multi-Market Study, Release 2, 2012.

* Heat Fans are defined as those adults who watched a Heat game on cable or broadcast television, listened to a game on the radio, or attended a game during the past year.

** NBA Fans are defined as those adults who are “very, somewhat or a little bit interested” in the NBA.

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