A Look at Mobile Payment Plans for Non-Credit* Consumers

Mobile data on consumers who infrequently use a credit card

A recent analysis by Scarborough examined cell phone statistics on mobile billing for “non-credit” using consumers, or those adults who did not use a credit card in the past three months. More than one-quarter (26 percent) of these non-credit cellular users are on prepaid usage plans. Seventy-five percent receive their bill each month.

“Prepaid plans have historically been targeted to segments of the market with low or little usage of credit,” said Alisa Joseph, vice president of advertiser and marketing services, Scarborough Research. “Prepaid customers have cited reasons such as simplicity or budget control for choosing their plans, and, despite ongoing economic fluctuations that may have opened the market more broadly, non-credit consumers remain an important component marketing targeting prepaid users.”


Drilling Down on Cell Phone Statistics – Chicago Spotlight

More than one million wireless subscribers in Chicago are on a prepaid plan. Prepaid users are 61 percent more likely than other Chicago cellular users to plan to switch carriers. As such, marketing plans need to focus on retaining business and brand loyalty. Prepaid users are avid shoppers, so co-marketing, local events or sponsorship opportunities could be useful.

Suggestions for targeting prepaid customers:

  • Identify which local market events provide the best returns for your marketing dollar.
  • Know the competitive marketplace to see where opportunities exist within the prepaid environment.
  • Understand media usage, both traditional and non-traditional, among prepaid wireless users to better allocate your advertising dollars.
  • Customize your marketing efforts at the retail partner level based on the primary stores shopped by the target customer.


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*Non credit consumers are classified as adults who did not use a credit card in the past three months





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