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Increase Holiday Sales By Unwrapping Gift Splurgers


Download a free infographic one-sheet highlighting Gift Splurgers       According to the National Retail Federation, 2015 holiday sales are expected to reach an estimated $630.5 billion dollars. In order for retailers, manufacturers and shopping outlets to get their fair share of the … [Read More...]

“Connecting” With Gift Splurgers


The retail rush around the holiday season brings out shoppers of all kinds, from browsers to the last minute grab-and-go consumer, to those who are in search of the perfect gift. Messaging to consumers who will be more apt to both buy and spend more will bring the best return on advertising dollars. By examining the … [Read More...]

Female Fans Line Up As NFL Season Kicks Off


With the NFL season set to kick off fans in local markets are eagerly awaiting to rally and show support around their home teams. The opener between the New England Patriots v.s. Pittsburgh Steelers is sure to give fans around the country a taste of what they can look forward to in their local markets this … [Read More...]

Hometown Pampered Pets


Many U.S. adults would say pets play a vital role in the family dynamic and apparently they are being treated as such. According to Nielsen Scarborough, over a third (37%) of U.S. adults own a pet and agree they deserve to be pampered. Whether buying a specific type of pet food or splurging on accessories, it’s nothing … [Read More...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: Showcase Your Online Shopping Audience This Holiday Season


With 2014 Cyber Monday spending reaching record numbers, the importance of positioning your audience as active online shoppers is critical for increasing your revenue in the 2015 Holiday shopping season. The goal is to prove the influence of your digital shoppers, as well as to help your potential advertisers better … [Read More...]

Sales Manager Toolkit: Illustrate Spending Power


The value of your audience takes a whole new meaning when using Nielsen Scarborough’s spending questions. Scarborough's tools provide simple approaches to find the mean, median, and total dollars spent for dozens of categories in the database. This edition of Scarborough’s Sales Manager Toolkit uses the grocery … [Read More...]

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