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Dialog is your resource for insights into local markets and consumer trends, and a springboard for ideas and perspectives on reaching your target clientele. Dialog features original content from Scarborough thought leaders and is the ultimate tool for understanding how to reach American consumers in the markets in which they live. Below are a few featured articles. View all articles by going to the navigation tabs on the top of the page.

Online Categories Achieving Generational Parity


People don’t often think about how frequent they go online.  For most persons, it has become an integrated, necessary part of everyday life.  Today, 84% of adults access the internet monthly and while there is still a slightly younger age skew, we are drawing nearer to the time when there will be little difference … [Read More...]

African American Voters: Media Strategies To Encourage Turn Out At The Polls


African American Voters played a dynamic role in the 2012 elections when turnout at the polls reached historical proportions. In 2016 this voter segment will continue to play an important role in the outcome of many political campaigns.   In this article, the second in a series overviewing key voter segments for the … [Read More...]

Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten: Mobile Gamers


With the meteoric rise in smartphone and tablet ownership across the country, the variety and access of apps has become nearly endless.  This is particularly true among gaming apps.  Games, once only available on a traditional console, or historically played with a group of friends gathering around a board, are now at … [Read More...]

DIY Travelers: Cost Conscious, But Well-Traveled


Now with summer officially underway, it’s travel time for many Americans.  While there’s no denying the convenience and expertise gained from using a travel agent, many Americans prefer to take the travel planning reigns themselves and go at it DIY-style.  According to Nielsen Scarborough, over 38 million adults in the … [Read More...]

All The Single Ladies: Getting Her To The Polls For The 2016 Election


In 2008 the Grammy award for song of the year went to Beyonce’s "Single Ladies". The song became an anthem for single women who gravitated to the ideals portrayed in the lyrics - “I could care less what you think, I need no permission, did I mention”.   That independent attitude continues to gain momentum as does the … [Read More...]

Asian-Americans Shine In The South


From 2009 to 2014 the Asian-American population grew 25% to become 20.5 million strong.  By 2019, it is expected to increase to 25.7 million, according to Nielsen’s Asian-American Consumer 2016 Report: Asian-Americans: Culturally Diverse and Expanding Their Footprint. The Southern census region has experienced the … [Read More...]




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