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Dialog is your resource for insights into local markets and consumer trends, and a springboard for ideas and perspectives on reaching your target clientele. Dialog features original content from Scarborough thought leaders and is the ultimate tool for understanding how to reach American consumers in the markets in which they live. Below are a few featured articles. View all articles by going to the navigation tabs on the top of the page.

Asian-Americans Shine In The South


From 2009 to 2014 the Asian-American population grew 25% to become 20.5 million strong.  By 2019, it is expected to increase to 25.7 million, according to Nielsen’s Asian-American Consumer 2016 Report: Asian-Americans: Culturally Diverse and Expanding Their Footprint. The Southern census region has experienced the … [Read More...]

Tuning Into “Lawn Lovers” Through Radio


Summer has finally arrived and that means it’s time for many American homeowners to dust off the lawn mowers and garden hoses.  Three-quarters (74%) of adults living in single family homes engage in lawn care or gardening.  Motivations vary from those who begrudgingly mow their lawn to those who enjoy the status of … [Read More...]

Buying For The Tech Savvy Dad This Father’s Day


Instead of buying the go-to Father’s Day gifts of neckties or coffee mugs, why not get Dad a gift that he’ll actually use IRL (in real life).  With 74% of Dads* owning a laptop/notebook computer, 83% owning a smartphone and 66% owning a tablet, electronic items that keep him connected will make the perfect gift for … [Read More...]

Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten Markets: Blood Pressure


May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month. High blood pressure (hypertension), is often referred to as the silent killer.  Millions of Americans suffer from hypertension, but many are often unaware they have the condition. According to Nielsen Scarborough MARS, nearly a quarter (23%) of US adults have been … [Read More...]

Indianapolis 500 Delivers a Loyal, Patriotic Audience


As Memorial Day approaches many homes will hang their American flag to honor those who served and show gratitude towards our current armed forces. Memorial Day often means cookouts, the beginning of summer, and for many Americans, the Indianapolis 500. Nielsen Scarborough took a closer look at the Indianapolis 500 … [Read More...]

Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten: Podcast Listeners And Financial Services


What do investments and podcasts have in common?  Both are seeking growth in a marketplace crowded with a multitude of choices. And since podcast audiences are more likely to live in households that invest and/or use financial services a great way to achieve a mutual boost is by honing in on key financial topics that … [Read More...]




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