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Dialog is your resource for insights into local markets and consumer trends, and a springboard for ideas and perspectives on reaching your target clientele. Dialog features original content from Scarborough thought leaders and is the ultimate tool for understanding how to reach American consumers in the markets in which they live. Below are a few featured articles. View all articles by going to the navigation tabs on the top of the page.

Spirits Are High But Wine Wins With Kentucky Derby Viewers


Fanfare around the mint julep, a bourbon based cocktail, has strong ties to the Kentucky Derby. In addition to the Churchill Downs, parties hosted on race day at bars and homes will most likely be serving up this signature drink. But is bourbon really the alcohol that resonates with Derby viewers of drinking age year … [Read More...]

Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten Markets: Grilling


Smell that? It’s the irresistible aroma of fresh meat and vegetables simmering over an open flame. With the arrival of spring, what better way to enjoy the warming temperatures and longer daylight hours than cooking a meal outside and enjoying the company of friends and family. Last year over 145 million Americans … [Read More...]

Printed Newspapers Bring Value in a Digital Age


Despite what you may have read in the, uh, newspaper, printed newspapers in the U.S. are far from dead and provide advertisers with large, upscale audiences. While the audience for newspaper media is shifting from print to digital, print still comprises more than half of the U.S. newspaper audience. Recently released … [Read More...]

Nielsen Scarborough Top Ten Markets: Volunteering


April is National Volunteer Month, a time when we honor those selfless Americans who have generously donated their time and effort to help others in their community. According to Nielsen Scarborough, over 67 million adults 18+ in the U.S. have volunteered in the past year. What’s more, there’s mounting scientific … [Read More...]

The Wow And Now For Smart Home Technology


It started simple, with the ability to control home alarm systems through a mobile phone. Next came the ability to unlock doors and control thermostat settings remotely, followed by programming for sprinkler systems, lighting and appliances. Smart home technology has evolved and so has its potential to be one of the … [Read More...]

Earth Day 2016: It’s In The Bag


Earth Day 2016 has a main theme of reforestation, with a goal of planting 7.8 billion trees worldwide. However, the Earth Day Network also has a goal to keep the movement going 365 days a year with ongoing campaigns such as 100% renewable cities, divesting dependence on fossil fuels and A Billion Acts of Green. One of … [Read More...]




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