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More Americans Read Newspapers Than Own Dogs or Eat Pizza

Print readership_shutterstock_141763462

More than half – 57 percent – of American adults read a printed newspaper during the past seven days. That’s greater than the percentage of adults who own a dog (38%), conduct online banking on a mobile device (55%), drank bottled water (42%) or have life insurance (44%). The printed newspaper’s role as part … [Read More...]

Mobile Ad-Friendly Shoppers are Avid Readers of Newspaper Websites


As the emphasis on mobile advertising continues, Scarborough examined the 13 percent of U.S. adults who  are Mobile Ad-Friendly Shoppers* to see how they are consuming news. This group makes up 13 percent of the U.S. population and 29 percent of them have a household income of $100k or more annually. They avidly use … [Read More...]

Coupon Clipping & America’s Grocery Shopping Habits

National Grocery_shutterstock_170054906

Scarborough  examined America's grocery bills, coupon usage, and the prevalence of consumers going online to grocery shop to see what consumers habits are in terms of spending and saving on groceries. Weekly Household Grocery Bills Tally Upwards of $130, Americans Use Coupons for Savings Nearly one-quarter (24%) … [Read More...]

Social & Mobile Critical to Country Radio Audience Development Among Millennials

Country Muisc_shutterstock_115781308

As with anything, marketers frequently look to the habits of the youngest consumers to anticipate future trends. In Country Radio, this means developing rich social networking and mobile marketing strategies among younger listeners, who are driving its growth. Scarborough analyzed the Loyal Country Radio Listeners* … [Read More...]

Millennials Like Fitness Served with Technology & Celebrity


CrossFit, P90X, HIIT, and Body Weight Training are just a few of the 2014 fitness trends for 2014, according to the American College of Sports Medicine.  And America’s Millennials, defined  by Scarborough as U.S. adults ages 18-29, are 19 percent more likely than the average person to belong to a gym and are no … [Read More...]

Madison Avenue Says “Thank You, Mom”


Procter & Gamble’s award-winning “Thank You, Mom” campaign is back, but it’s Madison Avenue who should be thanking moms. That’s because Moms* represent an atypical consumer group: adults who view advertising as something that is useful and enjoyable.  This is especially true if the ad delivers … [Read More...]